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Many Businesses still work in a Nokia world

On January 9th 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, combining the iPod, iPhone and internet communicator. That first iPhone introduced us to the concept of apps and social media on-the-go.

During the last decade, we’ve embraced the Smartphone era and allowed it to dramatically change our lives. In 2010, 970,000 people used social networks daily but by 2018 it’s predicted to be 2.44 billion. To put it into context, every minute we collectively send more than 30 million Facebook messages and nearly 350,000 tweets.

It’s simple, buy a phone, download some apps and away you go. If you don’t like the app, just hit delete.

In our personal lives we’ve well and truly adopted the Smartphone age, so why are so many businesses still stuck in the Nokia world?

It’s easy to embrace technology in your personal life as there’s no risks, but in business, there’s so much more to consider.

‘Businesses have 2 fundamental changes to join the Smartphone age.’

For business, the Smartphone age means 2 fundamental changes. Updating their website and their software platforms.

With over 60% of the population switching from traditional desktops to mobile phones to surf the net, the first step was for businesses to update their website to a ‘Responsive Design’. It was estimated in 2015, 82% of businesses had made the transition. A great success for most, as it gives businesses a competitive advantage. Those stuck in the Nokia world have been left behind with Google continuing to make it harder for them to appear in searches.

For business software, developers have spent millions of dollars redeveloping business platforms to provide a mobile app and cloud based solutions. Getting a demonstration of software has never been easier. Data is perfectly configured to show off powerful reports and the flexibility of the interface. Demonstrations are designed to make sure no one fails to notice the fancy features. With a good software application, you can take the most basic everyday business processes and demonstrate them seamlessly working with simple software functions. The benefits are endless – affordable, access to real time information, excellent service standards, increased sales, full audit history, accountability and much more.

A good software presentation gets businesses and staff excited – simplification of job roles, reduction in operational costs and giving companies a competitive advantage. That excitement quickly wears off when the reality of implementation hits.

‘It’s not as simple as downloading an app.’

Moving your business into the modern world of cloud based solutions and mobile applications takes planning. Businesses need rethink their processes, migrate their data and train their staff. Although many companies have embraced the Smartphone age, so many small businesses don’t have the internal resources to make the change.

Are these businesses technophobes? Maybe, but most people have still embraced technology in their personal lives with internet banking, social media and lifestyle apps. It is just harder to make a business transition as it’s not as simple as downloading an app.

’10 Years on, it’s now getting easier for businesses.’

The age of the Smartphone, the introduction of mobile applications and Cloud based solutions has made software cheaper and easier to access than ever before.

‘Software as a Service’ has become a preferred choice for businesses, with software used by thousands of businesses worldwide starting from just a few dollars a month.
Business owners no longer need to fork out thousands of dollars, which means they can afford to get the right advice about what software to use and how to implement it.

It’s taken 10 years, but businesses stuck in the Nokia world, still using whiteboards and huge spreadsheets can now make the change to the Smartphone age.